The Best Food Delivery Services


✓ Delivery Fee: Varies by Distance
✓ Availability: Hundreds of US Cities

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Cook tasty meals with simple recipes and pre-measured high-quality ingredients

✔ Veggie, classic and family plans
✔ Easy to recycle
✔ Free shipping

Order from a curated selection of high-quality food, days in advance, or use the fast delivery

✔ Delivery Fee: From $0 by Distance
✔ Availability: A Few US Cities

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How to Choose the Best Food Delivery App

Under normal circumstances, the best cheap food delivery service is the one that satisfies all of our culinary whims and appetites. But as we adapt to the changes brought about by coronavirus, priorities might shift from hunting down the tastiest and trendiest fare to simply finding the most reliable and accessible online food delivery services. 

Our goal in the list above is to strike a balance between quality and convenience. While it’s most important to simply have access to food, enjoyment shouldn’t be overlooked, as at times like these it’s important to find pleasure where we can. The best food delivery services, such as the ones we’ve listed above, are those that provide plenty of access to great restaurants and establishments while remaining reliable, affordable, and accessible in cities large and small.