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Want to Get Healthy? Start Your Journey with These Helpful Websites

A close look at the health and wellness websites that can provide not only information, but inspiration and motivation. 

We’re living in interesting times. On the one hand, it’s never been easier to be unhealthy. Supersized portions cost just a couple of bucks, while health food is much more costly. Technology has made it harder to get up and take a walk outside. Environmental concerns, political strife, busy schedules, and stress all have the potential to weaken us both physically and mentally.  

But on the other hand, it’s never been easier to access the tools we need to get into shape. 

We have more scientific knowledge than ever telling us which foods give us which nutrients. We know the importance of exercise for physical and mental health. And those same pesky gadgets that keep us glued to the couch hold all we need to become educated, inspired, and motivated to live healthier.  

So, while the battle lines have certainly been drawn, we can use technology to our advantage in beating the easy, unhealthy options that lurk around every corner. Of course, no website can replace professional medical care from your personal doctor. But these 10 health and wellness sites offer invaluable information, tips, and strategies that can get you on track to leading a healthier lifestyle.